“The First Forum on Northwest China History Studies” Were Held in LZU

2019-01-09  社科处英文网站

Lately, “The First Forum on Northwest China History Studies” was held in Lanzhou University, in which more than 40 experts and scholars, from Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Minzu University of China, Beijing Normal University, Sun Yat-sen University, China University of Political Science and Law and Northwest University, participated and exchanged ideas about studies on historic borderland in northwest China, studies on ethnic groups and religions in northwest China, theories and methods of regional history research and studies on military system in northwest China.

Northwest China (Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Qinghai and Xinjiang) is one of the important cradles of Chinese civilization and a place where people of all ethnic groups and religions in the north meets. It plays a historical role in laying the foundation of Chinese culture and opening up the 'silk road', which serving as a platform for cultural exchange between China and the west.

Professor Yang Hongwei, dean of School of History and Culture of LZU said that Northwest China was endowed with unique geographical, ethnic, religious and social historical background. It was the fertile soil for the study of regional history and a pearl inlaid on the land of China, so the significance of northwest regional history study could not be ignored.

Scholars discussed topics of common concern on this conference, such as Dunhuang, documents of Turfan, lately understanding to unearthed documents, decoding the meaning of cave paintings, Xinjiang issue in Qing dynasty and northwestern issue in modern times. They also exchanged new methods, frameworks and outcomes in studying Northwest China history.

It is reported that this forum, held by Institute of Chinese Ancient History Studies of School of History and Culture of LZU, is part of academic activities on the 110th anniversary of LZU and academic exchange and cooperation activities among colleges.